My name is Shane McCarthy…and this is my first Wine Blog…When Aimee Thibodeau and I first discussed the possibility of me writing a Wine Blog for the Bangor Daily News, I was more than a little apprehensive. I had never written a blog before. I had never even read a blog before, of any kind, let alone one about wine. In order to help prepare me, she forwarded a link to an article about the” ten best wine blogs on the internet”. I opened that e-mail and read the names of those “top ten” blogs and quickly decided that I did not want to read any of them. I did not want to follow any “model”, nor did I want to let their content influence my idea of what this “wine blog” should look like. I decided, after talking to Aimee, that I wanted “my” wine blog to be an extension of what I do in my store every day.

I am not influenced by any wine publications, nor do I subscribe to their “ratings”. I taste wine. I take notes. I listen to my customers. I ask them to describe what they are looking for… Is this a gift for someone? Are they looking for something to have with their dinner? I recommend (based on my opinion) what I think will best suit there needs. I encourage them to “report back” to me on their wine experience. I ask everyone to be honest. If they didn’t like the wine, I work with them to try to figure out why, so that I can make a better recommendation for them the next time. After all, taste is very subjective, it’s not about me..it’s about all of you. I want my customers, and readers, to have a pleasant experience.

This will be a conversation about Wine (and sometimes beer) based on my own experiences, what I have tasted at work, or have enjoyed most recently with dinner. I want to share all my positive experiences with you,and pledge to talk to you in a language that everyone will understand. Yes, you will be able to ask questions.

No, this will not be pretentious.

I am very fortunate. I love what I do. I have the opportunity to taste many new wines during the course of any given week. I may be holding a wine tasting in my store, or hosting a Wine Dinner at one of two local restaurants. I meet with several different wine suppliers every week . I also try to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner every night…unless I decide to have beer. I hope to share those experiences with you every week.